Friday, November 2, 2012

Escape from New York

No power or water in our downtown Manhattan apartment. Won't be for many days. (A few blocks from the Con Ed plant that exploded). Fought our way uptown through the zombie zone to my nephew's apartment on the upper west side, where everything is copasetic, and all folks are worried about is whether they can get the sushi delivered. 

Worst thing I've seen in the city in my long life as a native New Yorker. Fleeing to wife's homestead in western PA, where her father tends a lovely garden in the shadows of the cooling towers of a power plant that's still fully functional.

So, a chunk of the city without electrical power, running water, public transportation, neighborhood businesses, and the other part with crowded pubs and Starbucks. Hmm...a little hint of first world/third world dichotomy right here in River City (impinging somewhat more obviously on the cool kids of Manhattan than, say, Camden, does). A wet run, perhaps, for more to come?

Second post on Election Choices will be late.


  1. I've wondered about the effect on the election in NY and NJ. If people in the urban areas don't vote either because they're currently facing problems like no home, no power, no fuel, no food or if they refrain from voting because they're tired or pissed off -- will that mean that Obama loses these two states which he expected to win and might that cost him the election?

  2. That crossed my mind, but I don't it will work out that way. Sure would be interesting, though.


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