Thursday, October 11, 2012

Debate Question for Joe Biden

Can Americans trust Mitt Romney with a Kill List?

(If you’re not familiar with the “Kill List,” see here.)

Sure, ask Paul Ryan, too, but we know the answer he’ll give. It’s the answer we expect.  On the other hand, this question instantly and dramatically reveals that you’re never going to get from the Democrats what you are led to expect.

What can Biden (and Democratic supporters of Obama) say?  It’s a done deal.  Mitt has a kill list, because Obama handed it to him.  He can put anybody he wants on it, and kill them at any time, and the Democrats can have nothing to say in objection.  This is what Obama has wrought.

This is also why I reacted somewhat negatively to this smart and funny cartoon a friend sent me the other day:

It’s easy to mock Republican absurdity, and Romney certainly deserves our ridicule, just as Big Bird deserves our support.  But it becomes a lot less funny when we have to acknowledge that it’s the liberal Democratic Obama-Clinton team who actually are sitting around watching (or, because it's so banal, not even bothering to watch, while nonetheless presiding over) the assassination of real 16-year-old American kids, who (along with fundamental constitutional rights) deserve our support even more.  Thinking for a second about this cartoon, and watching the sputtering Democrats in the video above, it would seem that we should not be so selective with the mockery, and anger. 

As Glenn Greenwald summarizes the Obama campaign’s argument: “it’s absolutely vital that we know all about the GOP nominee’s tax shelters and financial transactions over the last decade … but we need not bother ourselves with how the Democratic nominee is deciding which Americans should die, his claimed legal authority for ordering those hits, the alleged evidence for believing the target deserves to be executed, or the criteria used to target them.”  That’s not a parody.

In fact, is this cartoon not a picture of the future, where, thanks to Obama, the Romney (or some other reactionary Republican) team will be presiding over the assassination of whomever they want, with liberal Democrats having nothing they can say to object?  Ha. Ha.

The Obama campaign is based entirely on scaring you about the possibly worse Republican ogre while ignoring and obfuscating the precedent-setting crimes of the actual Democratic Emperor. The possible future Lord High Executioner cannot be worse than the present one, who is also responsible for creating the position.

I’ll leave the last take to the following illustration, by Tom Tomorrow, which is just as funny, and sad:

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