Friday, November 20, 2015

Mali Jihadis: The Spawn of Hillary's (And America's) War On Libya

Harouna Traore/Associated Press

Another horrific jihadi attack today, this time on a Radisson Blu hotel in Mali. 27 killed. Here’s an excerpt from the New YorkTimes coverage:
Mali has been crippled by instability since January, 2012, when rebels and Al Qaeda-linked militants — armed with the remnants of late Libyan leader Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s arsenal — began advancing through the country’s vast desert in the north and capturing towns.
In other words, the jihadi gangs in Mali are a direct result of American/French/NATO regime change in Libya, executed by the Obama administration, spearheaded by "We came, we saw, he died" Hillary Clinton.

In 2010, Libya under Ghaddafi had the highest standard of living of any country in Africa (UN Human Development Index). Ghaddafi's Libya employed many Malians. It was an anchor of stability in North Africa. The US/France/NATO put an end to that, under entirely phony pretexts, against fundamental international law, and in violation of the UN resolution they claimed as a justification. The executioners and beneficiaries of that US/France/NATO strategy where the jihadis who shoved a stick up Ghaddafi's ass and are now rampaging throughout Mali.

Ha, Ha. Maybe she can get a gig at the Comedy Club in the Radisson.

Amazing, isn't it, that so many self-proclaimed secular non-Muslim Americans have, from their lofty vantage point, supported the Hillaries and Obamas and Sarkozies of the world in devastating three of the most secular, most non-sectarian, most educationally and socially-advanced  -- especially for women! -- countries in the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria)?  Even more amazing is that these Americans somehow now feel that it's appropriate to demand that every member of the "Muslim community" take responsibility for every jihadi atrocity that America has spawned. Ha, indeed. 

Lessons, to anyone not blinded by American exceptionalism, including the equal-opportunity strain thereof:
  • Hillary Clinton is a ruthless imperialist war-monger. She is utterly committed to American and Zionist exceptionalism. As president, she will, under whatever phony “humanitarian” pretexts, continue to embroil our country in criminal aggressions that will, and will be meant to, increase the jihadi chaos in the Middle East and throughout the world, and, given the present context, run the real risk of a war with Russia. Let's be clear about the "no-fly zone" she is now proposing: She'll present this, in "humanitarian" doublespeak, as a haven for refugees, but it is, as the Commander of NATO said, “quite frankly an act of war." And its real purpose, as I have said before, is to create a zone that's safe for the jihadis. It will be a area in which al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS, the Army of Conquest, and all their jihadi brothers-in-arms will be protected from Russia, the Syrian Arab Army, and Hezbollah, who actually are waging a war against them. It will be a redoubt in which the jihadi forces can regroup and rearm (with the help of the U.S.and its "partners," especially Saudi Arabia and Turkey), and from which they can launch new attacks to overthrow the government of Syria, à la Libya. To anyone who, at this point, believes something else, I can only say: Ha. Any progressive-minded American needs to face this, and anyone who is running against her as a progressive alternative needs to make this clear.
  • There no such thing as Progressive Except Imperialism. Equal-opportunity imperialism is imperialism, period. African-American, women, Latino, or LGBTQ presidents, generals, and drone operators do not make it any less criminal, dangerous, and supremacist – as well as inevitably destructive of any purported progressive domestic agenda.
  • No force in the world is more responsible for the rampaging jihadi armies of the world than the United States of America.

Recognizing, confronting, and taking responsibility for this requires abandoning a whole set of illusions, and engaging in a very radical fight to change the way Americans think and their government acts.

If Americans don’t wake the fuck up about this, we are doomed to an even worse disaster than we are already in.

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